Refrigerated and General Food Transport Specialists 
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Coolfreight now operate a service three times a week to Hervey Bay and surrounding districts.
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Original Mack Magnum
The first prime mover we had running to Emerald. It stayed running 2 times per week towing B Double trailers up until May 2009 before it was upgraded to a new Western Star.










Coolfreight continues on following the same principals as National Freight Express which was established by Larry Smith over 10 years ago and later joined by his son Marcus Smith.

We are proudly a family owned business based in Queensland, with a core focus on transporting food and general products between Brisbane and the Central Queensland Region.
Our close working relationships with the many fantastic customers in this region and many years of hard work to provide a reliable service, is the reason we have been able to grow from the humble days of an old second hand Mack Magnum prime mover and one set of B Double trailers, which many of the locals still remember well, to a fleet of trucks which includes two custom built Western Stars capable of towing 56 pallet A B Tripples and a 909 Kenworth that should be ready to go around mid September 2012.
Even during the GFC as other transport business were winding back and even closing the doors, we continued to expand and to invest in the region, with the opening of our refrigerated depot in Emerald, and the purchase of a refrigerated Scania rigid specifically set up to carry and delliver the product faster and better, along with the employment of an experienced full time manager and two other staff in Emerald itself. 
All of this was to improve further on the times we can delliver and the area we cover, while maintaining our strict standards of product handling and level of service.
Our speciality without doubt is handling extremely perishable and temperature sensative products, and we take great pride in our proven record of being the best at what we do. Even with the best facilities, equipment and highly trained staff we never stop looking for ways to improve.
We have been fortunate with the growth obtained over the years, it has never been our focus and at no time have we ever become complacent in our job to provide the service all of our customers deserve.
We would like to thank the customers who have supported us over the many years and look forward to
many more years carrying, to what is without doubt, one of the best areas of Australia.